Us Magazine publishes KELS winners

Saturday, September 18, 2010 Awais Aftab 1 Comments Category :

Please see the Us magazine issue of 17th September 2010 from the Us archives here, containing the KELS Live Short Story and Poetry Competition winner entries.



  1. read some of stories and poems.great creativity !
    I think there should be department of literature in k.e.all this talent.....
    its odd that not a single story or even a poem was by a boy ......they are too serious for this stuff.
    @sweet heart i must confess
    much of a good realistic story.the emotional tone was low and didnt match the one created by author in her last post (whcih was quite inspiring)but the meaning was deep and the msg was interesting.a creative work for psychology lovers.
    @story by s.latif
    an emotional feeling shown to grow and express in an enraged imagination.
    the poem was gd too.