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Aati: I look around at my classmates, friends, relatives ... it's the same story: you believe in what everyone else believes; if you can't do that, then you believe a watered down apologetic version of what everyone else believes; and if you can't even do that, then you pack your bags and go elsewhere because there is no place for your here....

Awais, you give me the false hope that there are others out there like you, like me. When actually we're both more like solitary islands in an endless sea. Everyone and anyone we love may at some point choose to leave us, unless they are trapped just like us.

I'm talking in Ifs. Just thoughts, questions. The way society's radicalizing, there's less tolerance for alternative views. Maybe someday they'll have to make a choice. Maybe they won't. If they do, maybe they'll choose us. Maybe they won't. What are the odds?

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  1. isn't it odd that there is no comment here on this post and ban the burqa gets too many and big ones.
    intolerance has same argument everywhere ;a certain thing endangers a certain ideology or certain environment ,so it should be banned ! whats the difference?

  2. I totally agree on this 1..
    i'd like to share something that happened to me today...
    2 of my friends apparently have great admiration for Hitler(i usually tend to ignore it )but today i got to know the reason....it was HOLOCAUST.I was rather bewildered at first and when i tried to reason with them as to the brutality and viciousness of that massacre ,i was 1st given a lecture on muslim victimization in Palestine.....Apparently they were simply convinced that jews are evil and should be eliminated off the planet.....I made an error of quoting Chomsky and it was promptly declared that i was not a muslim...
    I need not tell how upset i m over the incident. I did not reopen the conversation in the next class.I knew that tolerance rANGE of society is less than teaspoon, but i never knew that humanity level is even less.I also thought that though WHATEVER Nadeem F Paracha wrote was fundamentally true but somewhat exaggerated but i see now that he's absolutely right.

  3. in the art of arguing they say when you are unable to defend your point of view by arguments start to malign other persons' personality and by degrading the rationality of his arguments.BY doing so his arguments will loose weight eg comments like this"to to hilli hoi h,to shaitan h,to tauheen kr rhi h,to kafir h"
    There was a post on kellogs falsifying the occurrence of holocaust with blog masters comments"in Europe writing against holocaust is banned but at kellogs we enjoy freedom of expression".
    but he forgot its a different scenario here in Pakistan. people get enraged if somebody tells them that holocaust might have happened.so the big task here is write in favor of holocaust.
    Islam says killing of single innocent individual is killing of mankind or holocaust and in reality it is so!
    condemning holocaust i think is lacking respect for human life and a big show of meanness.
    yes we can differ on numbers and condemn the holocaust based Israeli propaganda but it will be inhumane to support and cover the killing of innocent people.
    poor Jews of Germany did face great persecution and its also true that rich and powerful Jews tried to take advantage of this issue.
    but why go against the weak?why condemn a part of humanity as whole?why put labels?is belief more important or the actions of an individual?