The Very Basis of Our Society

Friday, May 28, 2010 Awais Aftab 1 Comments Category :

By Shakeel Ahmad Tabish from 3rd year.


I hate hypocrites.........Yes I hate hypocrisy and those who are hypocrite either to themselves or others. I do not understand why people deny the things they do in their routine or even despise them. Why be so hypocrite?
They do things in their private lives and deny them openly in front of other fellow beings. I have such anger against them that i can not put it into words. Why not be true to your self and others? why not stand for what you believe in? Why not publicly accept the things we do or used to do? why not be a bit more honest to ourselves and others? Why not?

Probably because they are cowards. They do not have the courage to be different. It requires a lot of will and vigour to choose a path that is opposite or even a bit different from others because common lot follows blindly the path chosen for them by others and does not even try to give it a thought why they are following it or what would they get by following it.

Today an incident happened that made me loose my wits and go mad. A certain person, I would call him Mr. X for the sake of anonymity, chided me at being a staunch supporter of a certain thought or belief. He scorned me for my belief in that thought. And the most strange thing or i would rather say ironic thing is that i personally know Mr. X and he himself carries out the same act that I openly admit.

That is how we humans behave. We are pathetic losers. I feel pity for those guys. Who are they bluffing? No one except themselves, it is self conceit. It seems and appears pleasant but it is the demise of character. But then again who needs character? This is a world in which true inner self or real character does not matter at all: the thing that matters is what you project as your image to the society.

This is what we all do and believe in, superficiality. we believe in appearances, superficiality, our virtual avatars that project into the materialistic society. That is what has become of our race and civilization and we consider this the height of civilization

So in our philosophy: the more mean, ruthless, selfish, proud, materialistic, pompous you become; the more successful you become and you are at the peak of civilizations' progress.

It looks like funny but our economy and society is based on these very principles; the golden principles of this civilization. We do not teach those things to our children but when they grow old they learn the essentials either from society or from their surroundings or their families.



  1. this is not only a case of our society its has been only more expressed here.
    good food for thought....we will only change u know is difficult:-)