The Shattered Dreamland

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By Asmah Mahmood of Final Year

The Shattered Dreamland

Sooner or later, everybody has to step into the world of practical life. People in the state of euphoria, being ambitious, having certain goals, with dreams to have a joyful and contended life when come to face this world, moments of realization of factual status of this world with jolts of thousands of volts make them see that this is a world full of suffocation, making people sensitive to it huffing and puffing. They see that this world occupied by brutal and ruthless people with their bitter behavior and sadistic attitude; creating hurdles, always making tries to snatch every single procession of people around and sucking even the last drop of blood from the veins of their victims like leeches.

Such predators make most of the part of such a milieu while the rebels try to bring some change but eventually learn to cope with these ups and downs and develop an apprehensive attitude of visualizing the true picture behind the apparent circumstances.

Most of the people have to encounter such hurdles after entering into the professional life, but when I had to had a look at the canvas of my life having on it the ever clear image of my yet spent life in this place King Edward Medical University, it dawned at me that the exposure to this nasty world of practical life had been doomed to begin, since the very day I joined this institute; with the probable fault of being oblivious of being endangered and lacking the abilities to confront such a hostile environment with some dirt camouflaged in the layers on my soul, ending up in anaphylactic reaction with a feeling to have been caught up in a tornado, that bashed me and tore off every bit of my existence.

This dream land!!! Of thousands of students, is nothing to me but a land of massacre of souls, where Every butcher around playing his role in creating and maintaining unfriendly, conservative and non cooperative nerve-wrecking environment giving mental trauma, academic pressure and mortification especially to the failing students.

A milieu created by Mentally sick boys standing at zero point, giving weird looks to every passer-by for their own reasons, mean Girls gossiping around about self created non existent affairs, self-made religious preachers imposing their very own religious theories, all working in pathetic combination making sexuality much more resonant issue than spirituality, especially the religious dogmatic.

Karen Crocket say that “ Your worst humiliation is only someone’s momentary entertainment” but this is a place where every person thinks to have the authority to intrude into people’s matters, mocking about and commenting on people’s character.
The title of Kings and Queens at K.E, depicting superiority, doing nothing but creating humanity discrimination and giving people superiority complex instead of furnishing them with sobriety, the duty that must be observed by all authority holders.

These evils must be an integral part of the most of the dwellers of this society of ours, but this best medical institute, unfortunately, acts to be one of the best samples, representing this society with its dominant putrefied values in its worst shape instead of refining and reshaping the distorted geometry of values, the original shapes and angles being deformed by the smudges added on by the filth of this society. And this adds much to the depression of the individuals spending quite a time of their lives in this place.

All the above mentioned points might be an individual’s opinion for the reader, but this place affirmed this notion even by providing a proof of their existence in form of Haris Malik’s suicide. Alas!!! And where deaths don’t bring any revolution or change in people’s attitude, big bangs come to play their role then.

But, the only reason, this place gives me to feel blessed at times is, having met those people, very little in percentage though, the goodness of whom helped me to find the hidden beauties of life in shape of my oasis in this vast treacherous desert and making me believe in this quote by Anne Frank:

“I don’t think of all the miseries, but off all the beauty that still remains”.



  1. On my first day to Kemu, I saw this slogan on a car
    ' kings and queens,all at KE'
    Was a bit shocked at this pompous vanity.Definitely its a sick thought in the minds of its students who tend to consider themselves superior to every other living soul on this earth, as soon as they put a step in its premises.Feel free to do all sorts of cheap things, behave indecently and roguishly,shun studies, tease even the most decent teachers ,be chill...whose going to raise a finger, for after all , you're under the safe haven of the label 'Cream of the nation' !
    Such labels only depicts how tightly bound are we ,in the shackles of superiority complex,thats largely afflicting our whole society as well.Our desperate efforts for pomp and show,even of our education, are a good evidence for this.

  2. exactly.!!!!!!!! i agree to the whole comment.u described the essence of my feelings,in well put words...esp the sentence,

    'Such labels only depicts how tightly bound are we'
    so precisely describes what all these labels and such environment do to us,
    binding us, to fulfill this institute's demands and expectations,eventually ending up in psychological pressure!!!the first step towards deterioration of a human being, in my view.