A Study on Zero Point

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This is a post by Romaisa Khalid of 4th year. (Of course, only someone studying Community Medicine could have come up with this!)

Psychosocial determinants of rush at zero point in kem urban (most of the times rural) community


"A place which is most commonly filled in by boys and now a days some of the girls around 10:15 till 2o clock until and unless some of them have their MAJOR wards."

Extent of problem.
The exact figures of those who regularly take part in zero point taara taari sessions are:
2/100 1st yr
23/100 2nd yr
49/100 3rd yr
88/100 4th yr
101/100 final yr

I'll visit India by next flight with exhumation orders of Inderbir Singh, B.D. Chaurasia, Ram Ram Lal and Lal Lal Ram etc, and i hope they would solve my problem by letting me know the history of zero point.

Rationale: It comes out to be:
1.No study has been conducted previously, so i am damn interested!
2.Renovation of zero point
3.Whitewash/ month
4.Shelters (to save cream of the cream from melting :) )
5.Oxygen cylinders and oxygen masks (to provide aid at first hand for new comers having tachycardia tachypnoea etc etc, who can't take too much of the beauty)


1. To find out less strength in lecture theaters and wards after 10:15
2. To find out less population in periphery than at centre (heart) of KE
3. Make the community (of girls obviously) aware of complications like fake profiles, dedications (waise it's not a problem now) friend requests etc etc
4. To inform the higher authorities of observership activity in KE


There are two places which can become a part of central zero point. They include: parking lot and side wall of pharma facing anatomy lawn.


1.Influenced by following movie characters:
Paris (from Troy)
Landorn (A walk to remember)
Raj (dil waley dulhaniya le jae ge)

2. Zero % interest in studies
3. Feeling of contentment (as evident from their faces)


1.which of the movie character inspires you the most?
a. Paris b. Landorn c. Raj

2.What's your percentage of interest in studies?
a.0% b.0/100% c.1/infinity%

3.Do you feel satisfied at zero point?
a. Yes b. obviously c. of course

According to the data collected, zero points residents said: "There is no point like zero point!"