The Rain

Friday, April 30, 2010 Axad Ahmed 1 Comments Category :

KEMU Lahore Apr 21..There was a refreashing outburst of rain and everyone was enthralled. The sun has been constantly draining our energies for a month.Summers are really violent here in Lahore;the sun baked roads,congested traffic and short tempers make the scene gloomy.We also need some respite from our hactic scedules;a sigh of relief or a moment of thrill.Really studying so many things in so trying conditions really sucks the life out of you;Yeah its true!!! Then came the rain;the amazing gift of nature.It was really a breath of fresh air.The blanket of fleecy clouds had covered the sky right from the morning and the sun was nowhere to be seen.The sky looked sea blue with a tinge of purple.Then came the showers which were a bit sporadic;and everyone liked to drench himself in the cool and harmless splashes of life.I for myself bunked the classes and roamed around the place with a couple of friends.Then we had some lemonade from a nearby shop.The scene refreshed our minds and washed away the patches of negativity from it.I started considering everything a blessing.This spark of merry continued for some time.At 10 30 the sun appeared for a while and we knew the partyz over!!!Then with content minds and smiling faces we became embedded in the fabric of our daily routines.The rain at least inspired me to write this!!! Asad Ahmed