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"Physio Dept, KEMU"

The first thing that comes to your mind after reading the above line might be of some beautiful and antique structure where basics are taught, but for those who have spent their terrible days in that blood sucking environment is nothing.......except MENTAL TORTURE!!!
people with expressionless faces, evil smiles, strict attitude, who are desperate to eat your brain and let you die a slow and painful death... (a perfect nightmare)..

During my past four months of life (spent in that creepy place), I have experienced only fear, anger, stress and heard the most frequently spoken terror quote :
"Doc Saab!! Men apka career tabah kar dun ga...:-( "
Here, joy is achieved by being "shunted out" of the class, being insulted and by failing in the monthly assessment..... in short there is no SHUGHAL at all.

But on the night of 28th March, 2010... I and my fellow (who were there to shoot for a KAPS video) were astonished to see a wedding ceremony being arranged in the parking lot of the department... Unbelievable... so we captured it on our cameras!!!

"The torture cell" at day was
a "Shaadi Hall" at night...... (Just married) :))))

This is the look of the other world that revives on the other side of Midnite!!!

Muhammad Bilal Mazhar
1st year MBBS



  1. annum faisal khanApril 16, 2010 at 1:22 AM

    You'd be surprised to see all that happens there after off hours . I have mysekf witnessed a funeral and a mini concert.

  2. Intriguing!

    But do these things happen with someone's permission?

  3. I would love to attend a concert there...

  4. well there must be some oraganising party behind all this,,,,,, God knows who is that!!!

  5. w.e.i.r.d!!! wouldnt recommend THAT 2 anyone... gettin married next 2 the physio dept of all places :o, students curse it everyday... the place is bound 2b doomed! ;p