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Monday, April 26, 2010 Awais Aftab 3 Comments Category :

By Fatima Akbar Shah of 2nd Year.

Trudging through the pavilions of university at times I look back to those times when a mere candy and juice sufficed to my pleasure. My mom would run after me as I was about to leave the home in the rush for school open her clenched fist on my palm. I danced a jig at the moment and gloom of going to school vanished for everyday a new candyland toffee would drive me through half school day till hoola hoops. Huhh!thos were fantastic days.

“Past is always pleasant to see”

Smiling, I explode out through the lecture jail visualizing the upcoming half an hour which seems a treat these days. No slide, no round about but a time to revel. A lad squeezes out through the crowd with an air of confidence of a cunning businessman. His darkened lips half curtaining yellow teeth still convey a smile sprouting from the innocence rooted deep in him, that which is trying to creep out through the dozens of layers of affliction, deprivation and ignorance which the atrocious society has dumped upon him. He sways his so called exotic cow boyish bag through the elbows and shoulders of the jostling crowd and brings to position before me like a British duke presenting a diamond ring to his beloved.” Lay lo bagi, kal Wada kiya tha”. A small dissenting nod of mine invites another dialogue of association with me,”chotay bhai nal mazaq,lay lo na”. I look with an astounded gaze at this comment of intimacy but soon glistening wrappers of candies betray me to my school era. I am forced to enjoy what my destitute K.E can cater to my pleasure. With no canteen and no shady resort to to gossip with friends, this poor boy does the work of mobile canteen with to say sheer substandard sweets. But I seek bliss in that. My philosophy of relishing all life manages to present out of its odds appeases my aggression against my college scenes. With candies bought at the cost of ten rupees where at one side I try to fill the hollowness of recess, at the circular tilt my soul aches for the credulous sapling. His small being presents a multi-dimensional life to me. Poverty, starvation, economic stress over-powering care-freedom, longing to buy toys when added together shaved the wood of my being deep to its fragile fibers when one sentence of him left me shattered for weeks, "Baji doctor bannay kay paisay ikathay kr raha hn".



  1. melancholic...Great expression fatima! :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how many students have mentioned that lad in their columns!
    I ,too,felt someone ought to write something about him.And here it was...very sensitively and very beautifully written.:)

    Btw i can see a successful businessman flourishing in that boy..the way he persuades,compels and coax the students to buy his stuff.He knows his job :D

  3. Yes,school days are truly seems unbelievable sometimes that we were the same when i see my young cousins entranced by cartoons,dancing at the sight of pepsi or showing off a new pencil box at school.A well written post.