Life Is Not Boring

Thursday, April 15, 2010 Awais Aftab 0 Comments Category :

By Asad Ahmad of 2nd Year.

Our life seems uncertain; like a bumpy road to a distant town; r like a small ferry journey in an ocean. Some consider it monotonous and therefore just like a cycle of events...But I think that my life is too spontaneous to call it boring....It has colours and contrasts; crisp and full of enthralling experiences... Sometimes if only we observe our surroundings we get fun!!!
Like when you are walking on a road at late night back from the reading room, a SOHRAB KING BICYCLE races past you. The rider has empty milk can in one hand and is playing a music from the bicycle bell from his other hand.And his singing of a Bollywood song is an icing on the cake. Similarly the chat of a cobbler and his client about the effect of nuclear technology; and two people talking about I.T. business in India while transporting worn out monitors on a donkey cart make you buoyant. A couple of times the extra load forced the donkey-cart in a wheelie (one wheel) position...really pathetic! The electricity outages and corrupt officials have helped make thousands of funny SMS jokes.

So my suggestion is to observe your life. Believe me you would never get bored.