K.E…..no comparison….!!

Friday, April 16, 2010 Iqra Ahmad 2 Comments Category :

Human psyche is really tough to understand. sometimes u just get stunned by how you change in itsy bitsy of moment and take full 180ْ turn….and the biggest example of this phenomenon is when you are talking about your institution…

Everyone at K.E. comment on every bad aspect of it while sitting with friends, from wrong test dates to non-cooperative attitude of departments, from old building to smallest cafeteria, from small grounds to such short sports week, from narrow minded atmosphere to cheap crowd, like this is the last place they wanted to be in…but suddenly if an outside intruder pops in “Hey guys. Were you telling something about K.E.?” now here somehow within a fraction of the tiniest second…your one switch goes OFF and some other switch is ON (well here I cant really tell what pathway would it be in the brain responsible for such a sudden U-turn….actually I haven’t studied it yet…) You start your speech on all the good points in K.E. , leaving no possible point to be untold….trying by every means to impress the other person…..and when that person doesn’t seem to agree on all the effort you just made you still have one point….. “K.E.’s MERIT IS NO.1” and all the discussion of your opponent goes down to trash!

Recently I have sort of mastered in this discussion, first with my cousins and friends in other colleges…they all try to degrade me like this “Hey yar! You people read BD? Ohhh…we study from Last! And ofcourse KLM! And yeah don’t forget Snell! its really good” and I just have one answer..Those who don’t get admission in K.E. show their grudges in this form..! Just today one of my friends came from another medical college, and she commented “Hey its too hot here! I can’t stay ”, as if their own college is situated in some other “cooler area” of Lahore!

These days I’m having this discussion with my sister as she’ll be giving entry test this year, she has the biggest problem with K.E…but the controversial thing is that she just wants a seat in K.E. (as it has top merit) but after getting seat she wants to reject it to go to some other institution to prove something which I completely don’t know! Here I’m compelled to think that all of us studying here… Are we just here because K.E. is labeled as no.1 institute? Or is it something we really wanted? Ahhh confusing question but whatever it is…. We all believe and feel proud of the fact that “K.E. has simply nooo comparison…!



  1. a medical institution is not known for its books and buildingbut the hospital attached with it.and no hospital in pakistan is best for undergrads to get training then mayo.so no matter how great building and method off teaching agha khan and nust etc have ,the tough conditions of mayo and k.e give you the best.
    k.e is not glamorous.its depicts poverty ,we dont have great lecture theaters ,big grounds and libraries for it dosnt matter .medical is not a theoretical feild but a practical
    feild .so,no matter how good books you study in luxurious lecture theaters,the point is how well can you perform and thats where k.e and mayo make distinction.k.e khuppay!

  2. well i don't negate the fact the KE does indeed have the highest merit and perhaps gives the best undergrad training but one cannot really hind behind the facts that situation in both the hospital and the uni is horrible. startin from a class of 250 with 4 AC's its impossible to concentrate on the lecture let alone staying conscious, before visiting i had huge expectations from teachers but what do i see a transparency being read everyday which i am sorry doesn't really require a talkin puppet in front o the class. One can easily read it through and understand like you guys understand guyton and bd all by yourself. KE as a med institution "koi kamaal nahi hai" its the students and their effort that makes it no1 coz "the cream o pak" as they like to call you guys, are so competitive and hardworking that they make their way through and excel in every subject and every international degree.. so dont praise KE praise yourself,your schools and colleges who made you capable enough to be there!