I Love K.E

Saturday, April 03, 2010 Huma Ahmed 1 Comments Category :

"I never wanted to be a doctor".
"Medicine is trash."
"K.E was never the place I had dreamt of"
"I wanted to be an artist but landed at KE :( ".
"Oh! This medical life sucks."
"Why on earth are we becoming doctors?"
"I accidentally entered into K.E and there is no going back now :(" [As if someone pushed you suddenly while you were sipping 'kino mussammi' outside Patiala gate and you slipped into K.E!]
"My parents wanted me to be a doctor else I was always acerbic even at the thought of becoming one"
"Doctor? No way!"
"MBBS k baad kiya? Shadi aur kia?"
"I am not going to practice this damn profession"
"Oh phuleez! I will never ever recommend my children to opt for this profession"


Is there anyone who disagrees with all of the gibberish mentioned above? Oh yes! I certainly do.

I distinctly remember when I was born some two decades back my aims and ambitions were clear in my mind. I WANTED TO BE A DOCTOR. I WANTED TO BE AT K.E. Oh yes! I prayed and prayed to be a part of this prestigious institution and this noble profession. Ever since, my love for K.E and my commitment with medical profession has been blooming and blooming. Even today, after passing some good two years at K.E, when someone asks me "How do you find K.E?" then I say "K.E is fabulous, beguiling, boundless, copacetic, exceptional, phenomenal, unparalleled and simply the best.

26th December 2007 was the day when I entered into K.E. With tears in my eyes, slightly shivering, with a sea of emotions overflowing, I took a deep sigh of gratitude and vowed myself never to be ungrateful to Allah for what he has given me. I don't know why people are so awkward and thankless about what they are blessed with. Probably they forget the days and nights they studied to come to K.E or they just want to prove what Albert Steve said "Everything seems easy and worthless when it is achieved." Sad but true! We certainly need to change our behaviors and work diligently to really protect the word "noble" attached to this ONLY profession.



  1. I agree... thrs a lot wrong with our dear alma mater..but i LOVE it n never regret coming.
    If the clock hands were turned back, and knowing what I know about ke, would I still come?
    YUP! :D
    n 4all those aimc fans...there r tons of 'mutual migration' hopefuls.. contact thm ;)
    Faiza's 'to infinity and beyond' article is also 1 tht perfectly puts everythin abt this issue in view...