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By Abdul Rehman Afzal of 2nd Year.

“Yahoo………!” I exclaimed thrice (as if performing some ritual) as a friend of mine showed me the sms he had received from Mr. Zubair of Physio dept. I was with him to cheer him up in his badminton match at 11.15pm which was to start shortly (though another friend n me have actually gone to the badminton court to see our friend losing from a senior and make fun of him later on; then why friends are there for). However, I immediately texted my roommates and 3 other friends, forgetting about the match, and planned to go out and celebrate.

The 6 of us got packed in a “mini” car; the car looked mini for the 4 out of 6 were at least 6 feet tall. Listening to deafening music, we reached Malee cafe. Once we had the menu in our hands, we spent at least 10 min turning over pages. Almost all of us looked to each other and broke out into a laugh; what now; obviously the prices were too high. We decided “Kuch asisa pocho jo in k pass na ho, ta k hum uth kr ja skain”. So we asked the waiter “Pastries kahan di hui hain”. He replied curtly, “Sir wo ap neechay say ja kr lay lain”. Feeling a bit relaxed, we moved downstairs; went round and round twice; made our way to the exit and ran frantically to the opposite side of road as if the Malee people will stop us and force us to get stuff from their café.

We now landed in Arizona Grill. Obviously their prices too made us shoot nervy smiles at each other but in the end, we settled for some mouth-watering dessert and fresh juices. We made snaps from each n every angle; solo and groups; zahir c baat hai, to upload on facebook and brag about it k dekho hum Arizona grill gyay thay. The juices and the dessert too were photographed, so that others will believe that we indeed spent some money there.

On the way back, we were stopped by a patrol police car; oper k sans oper aur neechey k neechay! The music was stopped n Ayat-ul-Kursi started. The officer asked us to move out and if we had any ammunition (as if by faces we looked terrorists)! We got cleared and rushed ahead. Near the PC hotel, my friend did actually stop the car to count the 8th floor where Shoania are staying (check out the desperation)! We enjoyed a movie later on and by the time it ended, our tummies shrieked n demanded food. So now we went to Gawalmandi and had naan channay and one of us ate “paaey” (yukhhh) at 4.45am! Action packed celebrations ended at last after that.

The overwhelming jubilation made us sleep only after fajar prayer; signifying how relieved (for the time being, don’t know how eventually will it turn out for us) we were to have another day off in a week!

Miraculously, my friend won the badminton match and now we r asking him for a treat; then why are friends there for!



  1. Great post! That's what I call 'Relishes of Hostel Life'.

  2. A nicely written POST FOR making others feel jealous.yar agar sath nai lay k jana hota to jealous to na kia karo:-)

  3. Hoofs were amazingly well cooked!!!
    You can literally feel them dissolving in your mouth!