The ‘Cultures’ Prevalent in 2nd Year M.B; B.S.

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By the Anonymous Sophomore.

When I talk of ‘cultures’, please don’t be pushed into the delusion that I’m going to give an account of some annual or monthly or even weekly practices observed by my class. Rather we’ll be contented only if we observe them on daily basis and this ensures that we keep in intact form the ‘cultural heritage’ of our seniors. A gist of the cultures prevalent in second year these days is as follows:

1) The Clerki Culture:

This culture flourished during the ‘reign’ of Prof. Kamran Aziz. I’ve myself witnessed the scorching, overbearing moments of the month of May when Sir would scream, “Har banda kutte ki tara bhonki jar aha hai!” and there were the most obedient ‘theetas’ who would take this statement to their hearts, and jot it down as if it were going to be a hallmark in the next major discovery of Biochemistry! This culture still pervades in its rudimentary form during the lectures of Sir Javed of the Physiology Department. Anybody found guilty of not writing his words verbatim would have to bear the brunt of: “Daac Saab! Get out; you are not wanted here!”

2) The Daydreaming Culture:

After the clerki culture, this culture has haunted the boys of my class (can’t say anything about girls!) This culture thrived during the lectures of Renal Physiology by Ma’am Imrana, when most of the boys (including me) would envisage themselves as the world’s greatest physiologists and pioneers in research in the upcoming two years’ lapse. But we should not wink at those who were exempted from daydreaming with open eyes: they either preferred to dose off under the very nose of Ma’am, or started playing games on their mobiles under the bench!

3) The Long ‘BBSSS’ Culture:

Except for the lectures of Ma’am Attiya and Sir Akram, this culture can be documented in almost all the other lectures. Lecture becomes intolerable after around 35-40 minutes and except for a ‘handful of theetas’, almost the entire class shrieks, “Sir BBSSS…Sir BBSSS…” Some teachers are quite ‘ruthless’ and they threaten to expel the ones shouting ‘BBSSS’, while the others who nurture a soft corner in their hearts , give in around five minutes or soafter the onset of this transient culture!

4) The Attendance Culture:

Ah! Again a very popular culture and this is the only culture that, I believe, will never perish from this university. This culture invariably follows the ‘long BBSSS’ culture. It constitutes the most-awaited moments of the university hours, and many boys are audacious (and shameless too!) enough to declare it openly that they come to the lectures only for attendance (again, can’t say anything about girls!)

5) The Clapping Culture:

O God! When we don’t know what to do next, we start clapping. This culture ‘mounted to its maximum altitude’ during the lectures of Histology by Dr. Tauqeer Ahmad. But since all the ‘decaying cultures’ leave their remnants in one form or the other, a loud applause follows when Sir Javed tells us that he passed his M.Phil, and the most ridiculous, a standing ovation follows when Dr. Shakeel (Acting Head of Biochemistry Deptt.) steps into the lecture theatre. This foments him to the extent that his temper rises mountain high and we become the ‘victims’ of inevitable consequences.

In short, the second year M.B;B.S. is the ‘refuge’ that we take for all our non-doctorish and shugali attitude.



  1. Interesting writeup. Hope you plan to step out of the shadows of anonymity soon... :)

  2. interesting! but then id say you missed out on the tharki culture that is prevalent and is slowly cornering out the theeta culture :D

  3. hahaha...all of these things happen in our class too...i guess its universal..