Clash of the Titans...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Iqra Ahmad 2 Comments Category :

Note:All facts in this article are real, no exaggeration :)
so be fair in your decision

I.Anatomy Department:
Our very own, beloved anatomy department, which used to be a safe harbour for poor, helpless, inflicted students like "US" ofcourse, is no more the same. The serenity has gone away with the winds ;) I assume some dirty pigeons have flown from some other department (i hope u better know where pigeons are found in excess) carrying viruses of contagious diseases which were specific to that place or may be pollen carried it, lets leave the source but the virus has been transmitted to the anatomy teachers and they have started torturing the students especially in DH. Ahh! DH..dissection hall or whatever it was for you has now become " danger hall". No entrance after 10.30( i used to make entry at 11.30) , doors closed and these days "chaey paani" don't even work. Just last week i was enjoying the rain , i tried to make my usual grand entry, with all the precautions i sneaked into the DH, and suddenly sir appeared from no where and noted my roll no. and i got 2 absents marked. (i regretted later, i should have enjoyed the rain more). Gone are the days when we used to party and gossip in DH( we actually celebrated birthdays in there) but now there is a big notice
  1. No entry without overall
  2. No eatables and drinks allowed
  3. No use of mobiles allowed
Teachers actually wander around here and there like hungry predators in search of some prey, you do anything wrong and 10 absents STAT. Just today they hunked 10 physiology books from students, so you see in what miserable conditions we are living!

II.Physiology Department:
Now here comes our physiology deptt., no description required, you see "naam hi kaafi ha", to cause terror and create chills in one's body. Kings and queens of K.E. put your hands together to welcome a yet new strategy(other than the devilish teachers with their evil smiles and ofcourse the horrible tests) found by this very deptt. to torture the poor students. A new and refined form of tutorials, where every batch has a leader. Till last week i was flying in the air on getting highest marks in physiology and when this bomb of becoming a leader exploded i just wondered," physio main hi ache marks lene reh gaey thay:( ". Our respected professor actually gave us a full lecture on how to prepare it. And today was the first demonstration of it , now that is another story how did it go but we spent a whole day in preparing presentations with the terror that professor saab will come and hear it. So isn't it unfair, well this is it from physio!

III. Biochemistry Department:
Hey where are you people going? we are still left with the biochem deptt which has come to life again with a new head , well not actually a head but an acting head! This year biochem hit us like a drone attack killing all the energy left after anatomy and physio. Last year this deptt was heaven, no books, no tests( well actually there were 3 tests but i passed in 1:) life was so easy at this end, I actually learned the whole year syllabus in 1 day, but now we HAVE to study biochem:( with teachers like...(well no comments on that). We are still in confusion about the books! In every lecture we are being realized that easy days have pass, tough time is coming (as if something worse can happen after such situation). and now for the cherry on the top we have a biochem class tomorrow from 2.30 to 3.30! every limit of torture has been broken!

So these days i actually feel like all the departments are in a race of winning some title and a clash of Titans is going on. Now you people decide who wins. I'M gonna go and watch the real movie:)



  1. iv missed what..5 attendances cz of all ths new found terrorism in our dh..including the 1 when we came back from the kels meeting.. ;s whatever!! :P

  2. Biochem ,DH n tutorials are seriously getting on my nerves.Someday i m going to explode with frustration.good that u mouthed it out.